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Foshan Jingtai Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (formerly Jinli machinery) was founded in 1995. It is a manufacturer of aluminum profile extruder integrating scientific research, production, sales and service.

The company has a number of heavy-duty processing equipment imported from Europe, collection of advanced European design concepts, combined with modern production management, and gradually developed into a leading enterprise in the production of aluminum extrusion machines in China.

The mechanical properties, hydraulic system and electrical control design of the aluminum extrusion machine produced by our company focus on automation, energy saving and intelligence. With 25 years of technical experience and the principle of customer first, our company's aluminum extrusion machine leads China intelligent manufacturing to the international market. 

Jingtai machinery
Jingtai machinery

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Attitude determines everything, details determine success or failure

In the early 1990s in China, due to the high investment cost of aluminum extrusion equipment in Europe, the second-hand plastic machinery in Japan was converted into aluminum extrusion machine and aluminum industry began to develop in China. In 1995, Jingtai team introduced advanced technology from Europe and began to engage in the production of aluminum extrusion machine. In 2000, China's aluminum industry developed rapidly, overtaking in the international market. In the past 25 years, Jingtai group has always focused on the aluminum profile extrusion field, and now it has become the industry leader in the field of research and development, manufacturing and sales of aluminum profile extrusion equipment, and has obtained a number of national patents, contributing its own strength to China and the international aluminum profile industry.


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Development history

Obtained a number of national patents, and contributed to the aluminum profile industry in China and the world.

Jingtai machinery


In 1995, Jingtai team introduced advanced technology from Europe and began to engage in the production of aluminum extrusion machines. 


1995, Foshan JinLi Machinery developed the JLM brand extrusion press through independent research and development 

Jingtai machinery
Jingtai machinery


2003, JLM launched the first extrusion press into the international market, which has opened a new gate for JLM in the market. 


2008, the first one in China to introduce the technology of short stroke, which is the most advanced technology at that time. 

Jingtai machinery
Jingtai machinery


2016, JLM moves to a new plant in Sansui district, with stronger capacity, annual output can achieve 200 sets, the biggest press tonnage can make 10000 tons. 

Jingtai machinery

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Jingtai machinery


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